Tristan Rentz - BSCS

I’m a software engineer with a hunger for knowledge and a skillset in a constant state of growth. Workwise, I’m currently focused on full stack LAMP development with WordPress and Magento as my chosen back-end specialisations. I’m strong on the front-end as well, and like to think I’m about halfway to true JavaScript ninja-hood. My web & db dev & admin experience spans both Linux (LAMP) and Windows (IIS/ASP and SharePoint) platforms, and I’m currently exploring Python’s web dialects. I am MVC savvy.

I take pride in writing readable, reusable, self-documenting code that – with a strong understanding of algorithm analysis – is also tweaked for performance. With a well-rounded brain, I’m an engineer with an artistic flair, and could possibly even qualify as design-competent. I enjoy playing with CSS, have some experience with graphics programming, and have even created a custom 3D engine using only JS & CSS.

My AI experiences include image processing, recursive propositional logic engines, and various heuristic state space searches. I’ve lately been getting hooked on data visualisation and Monte Carlo simulations with iPython, NumPy, and MatPlotLib.

My familiar tongues are Bash, C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript (incl. jQuery), Lisp, PHP, Python, and SQL. I script all my common tasks, can create and implement static and dynamic libraries, and am comfortable with sys admin. I’ve created and maintained standard operating environments, set up DHCP networks with limited static addresses, and even configured intranets with SharePoint. I have created hordes of SQL scripts of every kind, optimised queries, and administered large, sensitive databases. Design, debugging, testing and documenting all fall within my comfort zone. Given my strong written and verbal communication, I’d be remiss not to add presentation to the list.

My interests include mathematics, rock-climbing, cycling, chess, and hard sci-fi. I’m an avid Euler Project coder (in C++), well on my way to completing 50 problems. Not a genius, but a genuinely rigorous thinker, I’ve a keen eye for detail, and despite the myth of perfection, I strive for it nonetheless. I'm humour-driven, but deeply philosophical, and love getting my whiteboard warrior on with a team of fellow nerds to tackle tough challenges. My future study interests include data science, machine learning (incl. computer vision), and security.